PET & Wildlife Portraits

A sample of Portraits by Rachel Gray

The Portraits

This is the perfect gift for any animal lover!! A wonderful treasured keepsake our furry legged loved ones or a truly special way to capture that magical wildlife moment. 

Each portrait is first sketched and then masterfully painted in a digital format by the artist Rachel Gray. This is done by hand using a wacom tablet and specialist software that mimics that of oil paint. For further information regarding digital arts, please scroll to find out more information about the art of digital painting or contact us with any quires. We must mention that no Adobe Photoshop, pattern brushes or filters are used in the creation of the portraits at any stage.

Once completed, the portrait is then printed onto a high quality canvas and is wrapped onto a frame using only local framers. After the portrait has been created, each client then has the opportunity to further purchase other gifts with thier beloved portrait on. As their unique portrait is recreated and resized to be printed onto mugs, notebooks, tote bags, iPad and iPhone covers. Making them fantastic personalised gifts for all occasions for family and friends.

*Please note that all of Wildlife Portraits are painted from Rachel Gray's own photographs. All rights reserved to Artist Rachel Gray.

What is digital painting?

Digital painting is an art form in which traditional painting mediums, such as water-color, oils, pencils and acrylics, are applied by the means of a computer using a digitising tablet, stylus, and software. As shown on the left.


It is a type of digital art but it is not “computer-generated” art, in that it does not involve the computer automatically generating an image from mathematical models created by the artist. The artist uses traditional painting techniques to create the image directly on the computer. These include methods such as weight, tone, perspective, light, colour and so on, it is also distinct from digital manipulation of photographs, in that it is an original construction “from scratch”.

Below are snippets of the stages a painting goes through...

© 2008 by Artist and All rights reserved.

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