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C O L L A B O R A T E D   W I T H


"It is truly remarkable how British artist Rachel Gray captures the essence and presence of wildlife through her art, celebrating their uniqueness and beauty and underlining the importance of protecting these diverse endangered species. She brings them to life, and helps to show us the importance of conserving our precious and vulnerable ecosystem in a hugely impactful way."

M R   C H A R L E S   H A Y,   M V O.

B R I T I S H   H I G H   C O M M I S S I O N E R

(M A L A Y S I A)

It’s as real achievement for Rachel Gray to be the first British female solo artist to exhibit in Malaysia’s National Visual Arts Gallery, particularly in this special year as the gallery marks its 60th anniversary. The historic Malaysian-British relationship is one of modern partnership and mutual respect. Exhibitions like these demonstrate how we can enrich both of our cultures in the spirit of collaboration. I hope that the artistic exchange embodied in today’s exhibition is something that will continue to flourish in both Malaysia and the UK

                                                                                       M R   D A V I D   T H O M A S

D E P U T Y   B R I T I S H   H I G H   C O M M I S S I O N E R

(M A L A Y S I A)

"This collaboration with Rachel Gray is particularly special as we feel that Rachel's work and her work in the field tells the perfect story of the beauty of Malaysia's rich wildlife heritage that we are trying to save and nurture not just for the benefit of generations to come but for us, in the here and now."


"It is also the first British collaboration for MATTA and we are proud of the close ties between our two nations and the journey we are taking together towards a more sustainable future."

                                                                                       M R   N I G E L  W O N G

P R E S I D E N T,  M A T T A

(M A L A Y S I A N  A S S O C I A T I O N   O F   T O U R   &  T R A V E L   A G E N T S)


Rachel Gray is a British Artist who specialises in wildlife portraiture. Rachel has always been drawn to animals and art from a very young age. Her admiration and love of animals has led her to wildlife conservation, and she is committed to using her work to raise awareness of endangered species from around the globe. With this goal in mind, Rachel has worked with charities such as the WWF and has collaborated with the British High Commission, COP26 “Together for Our Planet” (2021), Namibian High Commission and Expo 2020 (2022-2023) Dubai.


For more information about Rachel Gray please check out her interviews or FAQ’s page, alternatively get in touch via the contact us page

F O L L O W    R A C H E L    O N    I N S T A G R A M

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