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Styles of Portrait

When choosing your pet portrait there are many different styles to choose from...

          The Head Portrait

This is our most popular style, this really shows the beauty and character of your pet. This portrait style includes a image of the animal's head and face only, though it may also include a part of the animals neck depending on the type of animal and the photograph given. 

                 The Full Body Portrait

This style of portrait captures the entirety of your loved one, for that truly special memento. This portrait includes a painting of the whole animal (photograph pending) with a tonal blended background.


(Please note that the portrait shown above is not a tonal blended background.)

The Background


Option 1: A tonal belended background

A blend of tones and colours which create a soft backdrop for your pet. For examples of this, please view the portraits of the Dalmatian and the horse.


Option 2: A Detailed background

Using the photograph's original background, this detail is then included into the portrait. Examples of this style are the Cockapoo portrait as well as the Wildlife and cats portraits.


Bright, clear, good quality


Other tips: Check there is no glare in their eyes, no grass on their face and that the image/photograph is of the best possible quality.

Dark or over light

Too far away..


There are many different styles and ways to take the best photograph of your pet, so here are some quick tips to bare in mind and avoid when sending your photographs to us. 

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